Alice Who?

Discover cities in the most intuitive, fun way

Get all the info you need in the blink of an eye!

Accurate Results

Get exactly the information you need. No more scrolling between multiple options

Real-time results

Results will appear in real time! No need to take photos and upload them to a server


Aim your phone at the specific location, and get the information you need, instantly: ratings, history, comments, and much more!

Comprehensive Social Sharing

Share your location on all social platforms easily and intuitively

Learns As It Goes

Alice's algorithm updates itself as new data comes in. See for yourself: tag a new place, add your business or even insert your home address, and see how Alice adapts

Exclusive Technology

Our technology is novel and unique, therefore it is patent protected! No other app can do it!

Discover How you can use Alice

Alice lets you explore a city like you've never done before. Read, index, and share everything around you. Are you a developer? Ask for our SDK

Discover the city

Just aim your phone at the location, and Alice will direct you to your favorite content provider.

Index anything

Found a new location? Want people to find your business? Or your friends to find your house? Just add your discoveries to Alice's growing database, where every single location or place is annotated


Share your location and discoveries with your friends and the world. It's informative. It's fun.

Download Alice!

Explore your city!

It's Like Magic

Just look at a building and discover anything you want to know about it.

Visual Sharing

Completely new way to share your location with friends

Sleek Design

Minimalist interface for optimal exploration

Frequently Asked Questions

Ever wonderd around the city looking for a place to eat? saw a building you liked? wanted to share where you are in a beautiful way? Let Alice work her magic, and enjoy her abilities!
You can use Alice anywhere! Tag and share every place you see, and discover places that other people have tagged.
That's simple - Nothing! Alice is completely free!

Get our SDK

Are you a developer? We provide the best, on-the-spot, place-recognition engine in the market. Just insert your email below, and we'll be in touch!

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